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Make meditating into a habit with Shellevate, the meditation app you'll get addicted to. Build a streak by meditating consecutively, earn gems to purchase streak freezes in case you miss a day, and coolest of all, collect and raise turtles from their eggs. The longer you meditate, the rarer the turtles you can find. It's turtle-y awesome. Hopefully you have a shell of a time building one of the most useful habits you can.


Build a streak by meditating consecutively! You need to meditate for at least five minutes a day to build your streak.

You'll earn gems the longer you meditate for (more on that below), which you can use to purchase Streak Freezes.

If you miss a day, but you have a Streak Freeze, you won't lose your streak.

Collect hundreds of unique turtles and breed them to collect all the different varieties.
When you meditate, you have a chance to find a turtle egg. That chance is higher the longer you meditate for.

To hatch the egg, meditate three days consecutively. You can see your eggs if you tap the "Turtle" tab and tap "Eggs". The color of the egg represents the color of the turtle that will hatch from it!

Some kinds of turtles can only be found be users at higher levels. To get to a higher level, you need to be meditating more. You can learn more about levels below. You're also able to breed turtles. To breed a turtle, tap on the turtle, and press "Go to Shallows".

You'll enter a minigame where you can swim around the Shallows, and find other turtles to breed with. When you breed two turtles, you'll get a mix of their two colors and types.

The longer you meditate, the more gems you'll earn! Gems can be used to purchase Streak Freezes and breed different turtles.
You can track your progress on your Profile Page.

Higher levels can find rarer turtles.
Reach new levels by increasing your average meditation length for a week.
There are four levels:

Hatchling: 0-10 Minutes/Day
Champion: 10-20 Minutes/Day
Expert: 20-40 Minutes/Day
Turtlemaster: 40+ Minutes/Day

Your Meditation Calendar indicates how much you're meditating each day and what level that falls in.

If you average that level for a week, you'll be able to find rarer turtles!
You can add your friends on Shellevate and see their streak! Go to your Profile, and press the "Add Friends" button. You can search them up by their username.

Adding your friends is a great way to motivate each other to meditate more!
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